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Property Management Services


Being a property manager can be difficult if you aren’t working with the right providers! Doctor Locksmith offer an “All day All nights” Locksmith Services in Baltimore MD, would like to assist with your troubles. We understand the tremendous need to keep your tenants and your buildings safe and secure at any time. With years of experience in various security aspects, our company can provide a helping hand in offering you numerous of services. We offer Locksmith, Access Control, Garage Door services. We will always find a solution to an issue that you are having with your properties.

Doctor Locksmith can take care of all your properties! The owner of Doctor Locksmmith would happy to meet and discuss with all your property managers on how to secure your properties and any of your tenants.

Call us and set up an appointment with Kevin: (410)469-6030

At Doctor Locksmith, we offer unique services to all the residential buildings in Baltimore MD. Our locksmiths work closely with  building managers, office manager  in Baltimore building, currently we work closely with few property companies in Baltimoity, ensuring the security of the buildings and responding to any locksmith situations a tenat or home owner can have. In order to maintain the efficiency of residential building, and preserve the quality of home maintenance; our building management services provides locksmith services and maintenance throughout the entirety of you building apartment. With our specialty relying in the fields of security and privacy we will ensure that you’re building is properly managed in order to provide a safe and secure environment for your tenants or residents. Our operations include but are not limited to:

  • Lock re-keying to alter or provide universality throughout your buildings lock system
  • Lock installation: to provide sufficient and effective locks to ensure protection within the building regulation.
  • Intercom Installation & Repair
  • Master Re-Keying
  • Access Control
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Gate and door management
  • Lock out services in the instance of key misplacement
  • 24 hour emergency response service
  • Offer business account

As a property manager, your time is valuable. Your tenants might change frequently, lose their keys or request a different lock. Our goal at Dr Locksmith Baltimore is to ensure you have the right locking system for your property, and we want to make your job easier. We’re happy to come by to offer suggestions and do a free estimate. We can schedule our work directly with your tenants so that you won’t have to. We show up on time to do our work and we work with billing if its more convenient.